Gearing Up for Christmas, and Secret Santa Projects

It’s now November, and for some of us it means it’s that time of the year again.

For the unanointed, the last quarter of the year plays host for one of the annual events that I participate on: The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Project. Well, not really actively participate, since I haven’t joined again after 2010. Now, we might have new meat to go with the old, so joining this year should be fun and interesting.

As for the recommendations, we were allowed to talk about them, at least before we put up our review post for the title we picked. That being said, here’s mine:


One I know I should watch, another I have already watched, the last one is a title unknown even to me.

Since I don’t really want to spoil about what title I picked or how I’m planning to write it, I’ll leave it at that. That means the follow-up on this post will come by on Christmas week. I hope you anticipate it until then!

Further Reading:

The main page for the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Project:

Secret Santa Project – Reverse Thieves

The gumshoes behind the project:

Reverse Thieves

The 2010 Secret Santa Project that I participated on:

Secret Santa 2010 – Reverse Thieves

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