He Shoots Sagitta Magica FROM HIS ASS!

Some people just never learn.

After stating the frequent artist breaks that Ken Akamatsu’s been having (seriously, that near 2-week break turned some of my hair gray), as well as the escalating GARNESS of the rather AUSUM manga counterpart of the series, some stupid and retarded bastard started jumping his gun on Negima. Considering this is the longest running Akamatsu title to date, some people just fail to compare on attention span, or they pose like they know shit until someone who’s well-versed shoves a leek up their sorry butts. Surely Moogy (catch up, Moogy-san!) and Kurogane are better people to talk to regarding this, but what he just did was just utter retarded… and was worth the lulz.


Your god is not amused.

Which makes me think otherwise: This isn’t what happens when we talk about other long-running titles. Ask some random Narutard and you’ll end up getting spammed with countless numerous shit about Naruto. Same goes for Bleachtards and Luffytards. Maybe it’s because of the fanbase. Maybe it’s because of the story semantics. Maybe it’s because of its tight canon factors that knit every piece of the franchise together. But pretending to know a franchise as fragmented as Negima? That’s like trying to say you can shoot Magic Arrows from your ass, and kill some SSS-Class demon with the scent of methane and disgust for scat and goatse.

Respect. Humility. Any person who knows these terms wouldn’t prance around telling innocent people lies about something unless they’re either doing it for the lulz, or are just plain cocky and stupid. Even I am not that informed on some parts of the Negima Akamatsuverse, so I ask other people who know. It’s not being stupid, it’s just that you don’t know. However, trying to propose a theory about a manga chapter is going to be either dumb, or plausible. Reciting what you think of the title on IRC like you’re writing a tl;dr blog post is concretely dumber. TRYING TO SUBSTITUTE CONCRETE INFORMATION WITH YOUR OWN? Fucking priceless.

A story is always open-ended so long as it doesn’t draw to a close. That applies to to any material related to it. Hypothesizing a theory on what happens next after a recent chapter may be in order. It becomes a fact is when it happens. When certain events happen, we try to piece them together by material to see the canonical difference and audience impact, and see how these factors fall into place on the main story. At least that’s how the “procedures” go. But to hypothesize an already-proven fact is like trying to prove that the General Theory of Relativity is wrong. It’s like the Raw Delusion, where exposure to certain elements of a genre makes you think you are well-versed on it. You read some chapters. You watch some episodes. You play some games. You think you know stuff. You think you have spunk. You think you have something to brag about. You think you can talk to a fellow Negima fan and say “Hey, I know what happens nextblablabla!”, or prove him wrong, or answer a question with whatever shit goes on your mind. But no, that’s not the case. That’s not ALWAYS the case. Anybody should know when to spout facts and when not to. And when spouting said facts, anybody should know what to shout out, and what not to. Unless they want to make fun out of themselves by being proven wrong, that’s a fact.

I may have jumped the gun myself, but as someone who’s been avidly up-to-date with the purest material of the franchise, it felt like a bruising on the ego. It may look like some kind of simple argument, but we’re talking around three or four years of painful waiting, reading, expecting, hypothesizing, and watching. To belittle that by saying you know irrelevant lies and shit is like telling me you know better. Fuck no.


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  • To be honest I’ve been kind of disappointed with Negima’s divergence into shounen territory since the whole magic world arc began. IMO, the school festival arc was the high point of the series.

    I still keep up with it, but I don’t post about it anymore because A) it doesn’t interest me as much B) recent chapters tend to be paced rather slowly.

  • I don’t get what the whole argument is after seeing them shift from the number of “pactioable” 3-A female students to the number of female characters. The whole thing is caused by a single wording mistake and there really isn’t anything that needs to be argued. It’s like watching two untrained blind guys attempting to have a fist fight.

  • Okay, let’s make the whole gamut simple: bluemist asked how many girls are there in Negima. This guy answered with 31. Of course, I objected, since there are a lot of girls to consider, which changed my initial answer of “31- Chao = 30”. Still he insisted on 31. We then asked bluemist if he really meant the girls from 3-A, and he didn’t. That only leaves the presumption of “3-A + Other Arc Girls = More Than 50 Or So”, which I pointed out. The “Adding Anya in the 3-A Roster” part only added fuel to the fire.

    And yeah, Moogs, I still think the Chao arc is currently the best arc of the series. Action was pumped with speed, and the conspiracies just made it more cooler considering we get to see most of the 3-A girls developing their perception and eventual adaptation to magic. Unless Ken gets his act straight, or jolts his innards with beer ZUN-style for brainshitstorming, or cuts his breaks and slaves himself again, I think this one’s getting a mellow starting to a forced input of climax. It should be a while for the Magic World Arc to best the Chao Arc. So yeah, Chao Arc, hands down.

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