Celebrating Father’s Day With Giant Robo: The Different Faces Of The Word “Father”

Giant Robo has always fascinated me even after I watched it for so many times. The first viewing gave me what it had to offer at face value, and I couldn’t find fault in it. The second one was critical for me, because I got an even more powerful experience especially watching its climactic scenes. I watched it less at that point to get the plot, but as a person who began to feel for the characters on the show. The third viewing, which I did today, had a specific purpose: To do justice for all the father figures that played a great part on the show.

Please pardon the spoilers that will follow for anyone who hasn’t watched, or plans to watch, Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Giant Robo

Robo was built by Kusama Daisuke, the deceased father of protagonist Kusama Daisaku. Although it was not the intended purpose, Robo embodied everything that Daisuke wasn’t able to do for Daisaku. It protected Daisaku from harm when Daisaku was being attacked by one of Big Fire’s robots. It helped Daisaku defend the Earth from the evil Big Fire organization. It even risked itself being destroyed multiple times, just for Daisaku. It was as if the robot had Daisuke’s soul, a clear reason for Robo’s “selfless love” for Daisaku.


Though his relations with Daisaku is somewhat ambiguous, it’s certain that he cares for the boy. He phases in and out of being a father figure and a brother figure, to the point where he even gets his wife, Youshi, to care for Daisaku. Taisou does not only see the importance of being with, and protecting, Daisaku. Rather, he simply sees a boy with a tragic past. A boy whose past robbed him of his father. A boy who yearns for a father, a mentor, a family. Taisou and Youshi was fortunately there to fill in, even if they only showcased their affection to Daisaku for but a brief moment.

Oh, and he’s voiced by Emperor Wakamoto. ANYONE would want him as a father.

Franken Von Vogler

Cue in Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore – “Una Furtiva Lagrima” .

I have to really hand this one to the guy: Franken Von Vogler is the ultimate father in Giant Robo. He loved his children, and he wants them to have a future ahead of them. He selflessly devoted himself into creating the future he sought, even at the expense of his colleagues, his reputation, and himself. Though it was regrettable that his actions caused his family to deteriorate, he never lacked any qualities of a father to Emmanuel, to Farmelle, and to the beautiful night he created for the world.

Our fathers have many different faces, many different ways to show affection to the people who love them. We need not count the ways (including those given in this post) to prove that they are one of the most important people in our lives. It’s only obvious that we give due credit to all the loving dads in the world.

Happy Father’s Day, daddies.

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2 Responses to “Celebrating Father’s Day With Giant Robo: The Different Faces Of The Word “Father””

  • Somehow, talking about old school shows and Father’s Day works really well.

    Anyways, hope you had a good father’s day.

    • I found the post quite refreshing. I don’t have a good relationship with my own father, but somehow, Giant Robo inspired me to rethink our current situation and make it even better. He is my father, after all.

      And uh, no, I’m not a father either…

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