Moving Along with the Death Moe Now~♪!

Since I’m done with milking THAT post, it’s about time to change topic or else I’ll be tempted to add more propane to said post. I have a lot more ammo to fire anyway.

Okay, so I died of moe, especially when I bloghopped and found out galaxy bunny already did meet his bloody death from his sore nose. Watching Shana-tan Season 2 eps was fun enough, especially with the perverted jokes (such as Sab-chan’s 44 Magnum, the repeated searching of Satou’s house via Sakai, and the Wanderer’s dicksleep feat, too bad sperm rain can’t be done on weather forecast), but the Dansen at the end with Shana going “PAN, PAN, PAN, PAN~!” totally made me waste my hemoglobin.

Here’s the dansen ending part of Shanatan: Fumina Konoe Strikes Back, with the Dansen song patched in.

Of course, when someone says Dansen, WE FUCKING MEAN DANSEN. So from hereon, expect sum moar Moedansen from who knows where.

Of course, starting point: Shana. It wasn’t hard to find links from the vid above. Related vids would show good Shanadansen results, though it’s not that many IMO. Nevertheless, this one’s the closest Shana Moedansen in the vidlist so far.

Then we move on to the next field of my expertise: Touhou. Now this, I tell you, contains a treasure trove of shitwin you wouldn’t need to search after inputting the keyword for the first time. There were good Dansens, bad Dansens, even 3D Dansens and parody Dansens (an example would be Lucky Moon people donning Touhou clothes). But the AriMariPatchuMiko Dansens are probably the most striking, and moe, of them all.

One of the Finest Touhou Magedansens: FUKKEN SUPERIOR TECH

Of course, since those may originally come from flash, I’ll share one of the Touhoudansens I got.

Get the flash by clicking on the pic.

Of course, if there are no vids of it or flashes of it, there are PICS to compensate. Here’re some of them on moving Gifdansen glory. No, no Stilldansens or Jpgdansens, I don’t collect those.

Dog + God + Immortal + Dansen = I died…

Of course, there are lots and lots more of Moedansens out there, but most of them don’t really go out of the scope of Touhou, which is the only one that hits the spot of interest (until Princess no Rondo or a new season anime brings about the same interest that sways me from Touhou momentarily) at the moment. So until then, the list of Dansens would have to end here for now. You can put it short that I’m getting lazy as shit, that works too. But yeah, enough of Dansens for now.

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